Active Community League

  • Outdoor recreation program for youth ages 13-18
  • Program runs from June 21 thru August 8
  • Meet once per week (except the week of July 3) primarily at Lake Eagle Park
  • Activities will vary - opportunity to try new things

Active Community League Glow Run/Walk

We hope to see you Tuesday evening, June 27 in Eagle Lake for the Active Community Glow Run/Walk. Meet in the parking lot at Uncle Albert's Café; the run starts at 8:45 pm and will continue until 10:00 pm.

  • We will have a booth set up in the parking lot of Uncle Albert's Café
  • We will have glow bracelets and necklaces at the booth. Each person will get 1 accessory for each loop they complete on the designated route (max 5 accessories)
  • There will be a sign-in and sign-out sheet at the booth as well.
  • Check out the Facebook Event page to RSVP

OPEN TO ALL AGES! Feel free to bring your friends, family, and anyone else looking to get out and get active! We hope too see you tomorrow with your friends. Let's get ACTIVE!!!